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Our green energy solutions


If your household mainly consumes electricity during the day then a Solar Panel only solution could be perfect for you.

As your solar panel system generates electricity from daylight, it is consumed by the appliances in your house. Reducing the amount of expensive grid electricity you need to purchase.

Our solar panel only packages are comprised of the highest quality components from trusted industry brands. We design and install the system for you, managing the project from start to finish.


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EV Chargers

EVs are now rapidly replacing traditional fuel vehicles.

Our range of EV Chargers range from small wall mounted AC devices for home charging, right up to large free-standing DC chargers suitable for motorway service stations.

Infrared Radiators

Traditional radiators heat up air which rises and slowly heats up a room, generally from the top down. Infrared radiators work more like the sun, by sending out warming infrared energy which can be felt immediately.

Tests have shown that a 600w infrared radiator can provide the same feeling of warmth as a 1500w convection radiator. So they are much more efficient.

As they are operated by electricity, they are a perfect match for our Solar and Battery storage systems, as you can heat your home from the free energy generated from your panels!

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re sure you’ll have a lot of them. Our specialists are always available to assist you in determining what you require, but in the meanwhile, here are some solutions to frequently asked questions.