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About Northern Renewable Centre

Our Mission is to Transform Your Home or Business With Clean, Cheap, Green Energy Solutions

Northern Renewable Centre has been created to deliver high-quality, cost-effective green energy solutions to homes and businesses across the North of the UK and beyond.

With the worldwide energy crisis deepening, and traditional fossil fuel energy sources dwindling, the future is clearly in renewable energy. Our team of experts can help guide you to create a solution that will save you money, and provide you with resilience and independence in the face of the challenges we will all face in the coming years.

Our products are all from major, respected manufacturers and installed and maintained by our team of experts. We are here for you at every point of your green energy journey!

Our new showroom is now open and has all of our products and solutions on display, and will give you a chance to speak with one of our experts face to face.

Showroom Now Open!

Come & visit us

The Northern Renewable Centre Showroom is a new facility that showcases the latest renewable energy technologies and innovations.

We believe it is important to stay up-to-date on the latest developments and share them with our community.