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Air Source Heat Pumps

Gas boilers have done the job, but a new era in heating is here.

It may not feel like it, but there is useful heat energy in the air outside, even when the temperature is below freezing.

An air source heat pump is a device which can harvest the available energy in the air outside and use it to heat radiators or hot water cylinders inside your home.

The electricity used to run the heat pump costs less than heating the water directly with gas or electricity, saving energy and saving you money.

Prepare Your Home for a Heat Pump Installation

Great news! The Government has just raised their heat pump grant from £5,000 to £7,500! With heat pumps in high demand, the wait for a survey date can be several months. Many national companies have long wait-lists, but Northern Renewable Centre can assist you much sooner. Our team is working swiftly to support those in queue, and we’ll reach you as quickly as possible.

To take advantage of this substantial saving, here’s what you need to do:

🔥 Be a homeowner.

🔥 Possess an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) from the last decade. If you don’t have one, don’t worry—we can organize it for you.

🔥 Ensure your EPC doesn’t recommend loft or cavity wall insulation. If insulation is needed, we’re here to help with that too.

🔥 Verify you have adequate space for the new system. For guidance, check our sizing guide.

Your Complete Heat Pump Solution

We manage your entire transition to eco-friendly heating, overseeing everything from the initial survey and installation to the ongoing maintenance of your heat pump.

Our expertly trained engineers will craft a heat pump solution tailored to ensure your home remains warm and comfortable, with a guarantee of coziness.

Future-Ready Technology for Modern Homes

With a history spanning 160 years, heat pump technology is well-established and fits seamlessly into most homes, making it an excellent alternative to your outdated boiler.

  • Offers both heating and hot water solutions
  • Compatible with most existing piping systems and high-temperature radiators
  • Equipped with advanced smart features, it integrates smoothly with home technologies like solar panels and batteries.

Effortless Smart Heating Control

Manage your heating effortlessly through our user-friendly app, which is as simple, if not simpler, than operating your boiler.

Following the installation, our approachable engineers will assist in setting you up and guide you through the process. We’re always available to support you with any inquiries.

What’s included in your quote?

Your quotation encompasses the following, along with your new heat pump:

  • Professional installation by our skilled team
  • A hot water cylinder compatible with the system
  • Modifications to radiators as needed
  • All plumbing and electrical components necessary for installing your new heating system
  • Complete delivery and labor for the installation process
  • A 5-year warranty on your heat pump
  • A 2-year warranty on all other parts
  • A 5-year warranty on labor and workmanship
  • Full handling of the paperwork to get your £7,500 Boiler Upgrade Scheme grant application. We handle this for you!

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