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Reduce my environmental impact

Moving to solar and other renewable energy sources is absolutely essential if we are going to reduce carbon emissions to alleviate climate change.

All of our products can help reduce your carbon footprint. We specialise in systems which generate cheap, clean energy from the sun, as well as storage products which can be just as beneficial for several reasons.

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Find Your Perfect Solution

Build the perfect solar package tailored to your needs

Solar PV Benefits

Energy from the sun in plentiful, and free! Even in areas like the north of the UK, there is enough sunshine throughout the year to make the installation of solar panels more than worth the investment. Solar energy does not emit any carbon dioxide or other harmful greenhouse gasses, and is safe and clean.

Sunlight is turned directly into electrical current by panels on your roof, and then made available to the appliances around your home or business through an Inverter.

There is one obvious problem with relying on Solar Panels however.. They cannot generate any energy at night when the sun has set. Read on below to find out more about how Battery Storage can bridge this gap.

Benefits of + Battery Storage

The most obvious benefit of battery storage is clear. It allows energy generated by Solar Panels to be stored and used later. Many people are away at work during the day and cannot make full use of the energy their panels are creating. During the long sunny days of summer most households would struggle to consume all of the power their panels generate. Battery Storage helps you to maximize your usage of the clean energy you generate.

A newer, lesser known benefit and use for battery storage is helping to keep the National Grid balanced. Renewable energy is by its nature tied to natural phenomena such as sunshine, wind or tides. Solar panels on a sunny day or wind turbines on a windy day generate a lot of energy. Sometimes these sources generate more power than is being demanded by consumers. At other times not enough power is being generated to satisfy the whole network. Several companies are now begining to help address this problem with networks of home battery storage systems.

These schemes allow the operators to store surplus energy in their large network of peoples home battery storage systems, or have the battery storage push power into the national grid to help smooth out bumps in supply and demand. It is called Demand Side Response, and can be leveraged by those who own battery storage systems to save extra money on their utility bills. Speak to your energy provider, or have a Google for more information on available schemes.