Air Source Heat Pump Site Visit Form

Complete all fields below. After entering a response to a question you will be shown an upload box to attach photos for that section if required..

How many windows on the property and their sizes.
how many North / South / East / West facing walls?
How many bedrooms and bathrooms?
Location of existing boiler system and hot water cylinder if applicable, is the system vented or unvented?
Ensuring the existing pipework and sanitisation fitting will accept a pressurised system, also access to an external wall for the blow of for G3 regulations?
What would be the location of the new system be internally (buffer,DHW)?
location of the external system for noise regulation for ASHP, the nearest boundary and any windows also on the house the ASHP will be attached to?
In relation to the heat pump where would the consumer unit be located, this for the cable runs?
What control system is in place and would it need to be upgraded?
Does the system have a secondary heating system?
Access to a drain or soak away would need to be used for the condensate for the ASHP.
Can we run 28mm or 22mm pipe work into the building either up the external wall through the loft or through the wall at low level?
Position of cold water feed in the building, and what is the flow and pressure of the water?